In my books the first day of spring is March 21. Time to rebuild the nest. Our small apartment is getting smaller as our boys get bigger. Last month we decided to give Brandon his own bedroom. Not an easy task in a two bedroom apartment. But we managed to fit a single matress into our small storage room. And I mean just fit.

The room is 72×48 and the matress is 72×42, so with some help from my Dad we built a bunk over the desk and were able to still fit boxes and an old LP rack of my vinyl records under it.

Another spring has sprung.






I’ve been recording like mad for the past two weeks when it all came to a crashing halt yesterday morning when we got a phone call from Brandon’s school.

School: “Hello, is Brandon home sick today?”
Michelle: “No…”
School: “Oh, we have him marked as absent. We’ll do a washroom check and call you right back.”


School: “No…He’s not in the school.”
Every parent’s worse nightmare is to get this phone call from their child’s school. I don’t need to say what goes through your mind, I’m sure you know.

Long story short; he skipped out and was home by 1:00 pm. After driving all over the neighbourhood for three hours, RCMP also looking, he was right across the street at a friends.

On dozens of telephone polls around us are missing children flyers.
Thank God one of them isn’t Brandon.