Looking Forward

Back in March, my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Seeing a lot of old (and old) family friends, got me thinking what it’s going to be like for me when I’m older. I think for most of us, the thought of getting old is not a good thing. But one day I thought, it would be a good thing. Having all those memories of family and friends, places I’ve been to and things I’ve seen.

Now, I’m looking forward to the good life looking back.


iTunes Store

You can now get my songs in the iTunes Store. Each week you will get a new song via podcast.

If you’re not sure what a podcast is or how it works, the Wikipedia answer is: “A podcast is a series of digital media files, usually digital audio or video, that is made available for download via Web syndication.”

Simply put: You subscribe in the iTunes Store (usually for free) to an audio or video show, and when a new one is done, you get it automatically.

subscribe-itunes Subscribe now 🙂

Apricot Girl


Apricot Girl you’re the one just for me
Won’t you look up from your apple to see
In your green shirt and chair
Are you board rooming there
While the bricks and the fluorescents
Light up your hair

Apricot Girl you don’t know me at all
I’m just like you with my back to the wall
No one knows what I’ve seen
No one knows where I’ve been
There’re attacking the show
After saving the screen

Apricot Girl you’re the one just for me
Won’t you look up from your apple to see
In your green shirt and chair
Are you board rooming there
While the bricks and the fluorescents
Light up your hair

All Night

Christmas is coming soon and before you know it, it will be Christmas Eve. We usually have a few friends over for drinks and food.(oooooh the food!)

Many will be traveling to be with friends and family. So, after a bit of a rewrite of something I started a few years ago, I finished this latest song “All Night”. I think it’s fitting for anyone who’s making the holiday journey “Just so I can be with you”.

Have a very Happy Christmas and all the best in the new Year!


In Your Arms

Seventeen years ago I wrote a song for my new girlfriend. I recorded it on a cassette tape with just a keyoard and me singing. Pretty basic and simple. Last week I recorded the same song, for the same girl friend, now my wife. This time I used my computer and a multi-track recording program.

I remember my father bringing home a reel-to-reel deck, when I was 14, so I could do two track recording. Wow! Then we had two cassette decks and I would bounce between the two getting four or five tracks going. The only problem was all but the last track would end up on one side, while the last track would be on the other side of the left and right stereo. I really like recording on this computer thingy.


The DARPA Grand Challenge was earlier this month. What an amazing achievement. Vehicles being driven by computers, not remote control, through a desert course. I first heard of this last year after channel flipping one night and landed on our PBS station. The program was showing the 2005 Grand Challenge, if you ever get the chance it’s a must see.

In a similar venture Google has launched their $30M moon challenge “to the first private company that can safely land a robotic rover on the moon and beam back a gigabyte of images and video to Earth ( The Honolulu Advertiser ).

Next year George Jetson moves in next door.

Eleanor Flannery Mann

Merlin Mann, of 43 Folders, the personal productivity and life hacks guru, and his wife had a baby! Eleanor Flannery Mann.
Being the father of two big boys, 12 and 15, sometimes I long for those simpler times, before all the broken fingers and toes and stitches. Or the 6:00p.m. dinner phone calls….. “you’re where?…..why and how did you get There?”


Most of the lyrics came from Eleanor‘s first site, (of many I’m sure). So I guess I need to give Merlin some writing points.
Congradulations to the proud and joyfull parents, Madeline and Merlin.

I Will Be Here

Last week I went to the funeral for the Father of a very close family to us. As a child we went to the same church and we shared a lot of Christmas dinners together as well as other family outings.

For the next few days I couldn’t help remembering all the fun our two families had when I was young and how I hadn’t seen some of them for over twenty years.

“I Will Be Here” is a song to all my friends and family, no matter how far the distance between us, I will try my best if you ever need me.

Making Me Crazy

Here’s the second song from my project which I think will be called “45”. It’s a song which was inspired by one of my favourite bands KLAATU. There’s even an homage to them at the start of the guitar solo from their song “Juicy Lucy”. I also couldn’t resist adding backwards drums at the top and backwards guitars during the last chorus.

Why 45?, well one reason is I’ll be 45 this year, another reason is I remember all the 45 singles I bought from the record store down at the mall on weekends when I was younger. It’s not the same experience going to iTunes and adding a song to my cart for 99 cents.

Also I think this photoshop picture I made from an old 45 center I scanned looks pretty cool. So “45” it is.


Update:  Here’s a second version of my ’45’ album art I’ve been using.


This song is dedicated to “Call For Help” 2.0 on G4TechTV Canada. Leo, Amber, Andy, Mike and Sean did a great job explaining and informing us of all the tech goodness there is out there. But we can still watch Leo on his new show “The Lab with Leo Laporte” starting April 23rd. And listen to Amber and Leo on Net@Night on the TWiT Netcast Network.

This song is also the first of many I will be posting from a collection of new songs as I complete them.