Editors Choice – THE SACKBOY SONG

Big thank you to TurtleGirl over at  Girl Gamers for putting  SackBoy on their Editors choice page. It’s nice to see both genders having a great time at gaming.

My oldest son Jesse is a big WOW and Runescape player, along with a handful of console games he really enjoys. He just recently got his girlfriend playing some Runescape and the two of them play late at night online together. (ahh young love)

I don’t really play games that much these days. Too much of my time is spent recording all day. Like today. Forteen hours of it. Come on man, time for a break already.


iTunes Store

You can now get my songs in the iTunes Store. Each week you will get a new song via podcast.

If you’re not sure what a podcast is or how it works, the Wikipedia answer is: “A podcast is a series of digital media files, usually digital audio or video, that is made available for download via Web syndication.”

Simply put: You subscribe in the iTunes Store (usually for free) to an audio or video show, and when a new one is done, you get it automatically.

subscribe-itunes Subscribe now 🙂


I bought Spore a few weeks ago. Both my son and I have been playing casually and made it to the Space Stage. I like the way you can put in as much or as little time as you like, five or ten minutes, a couple hours, or all day long.
Here’s a few shots.

Use your iMac to share the internet with your iPhone.

I have an iPod Touch but I don’t have a wireless router. How could I use any of the features that require wifi. After searching for a way to connect my iPod to the internet, I was able to use the Internet Sharing feature on my iMac.

Before you start you need to turn AirPort: On

Step#1:Open System Preferences / Sharing

Step#2:Under Service click on Internet Sharing, for Share your connection from: select “Ethernet”, for To computers using: select “AirPort”

Step#3:Click AirPort Options, choose a Network Name, Enable encryption, choose your Password, click “OK”

Step#4:Under Service check the Internet Sharing box, and click Start

When you turn on your iPod Touch and open Safari, a list of networks will appear, choose the one you made and enter your password. Now you can enjoy all the wireless features on your iPod Touch.

I don’t have an iPhone but I suspect this will work just the same.


July 11, 2008, around the world the new 3rd gen iPhone 3G will be available. “Twice as fast. Half the price”. Are you iReady?


It’s 7/11  2008
I’m Standing in line and I just can’t wait
People have waited a week on the street
NewYork to LA for San Fancisco’s treat

Please Mr. Steve I have heard for a year
That a faster SDK iPhone will appear
And now AT&T drops a bomb from the air
With a list of To Do’s out of Hell to prepare

iReady  Twice as fast
iReady  Half the price
iReady  New 3G
iReady  And mobile me

With 2.0 software update
I can do even more at a faster rate
I can download and push, I can sync in the cloud
I can use any headphones and turn it up loud

iReady  Twice as fast
iReady  Half the price
iReady  New 3G
iReady  And mobile me

Activation in the store
Half an hour what a chore
Photo ID, SSN
Credit check it never ends

iReady  Twice as fast
iReady  Half the price
iReady   New 3G
iReady  And mobile me

For more of my songs, look around here, or visit paulminshall.com

* a special thank you to operator lady

New iMac

Two firsts in my life on the same day. #1: I did the crazy Boxing Day sale shop. #2: I bought my first Mac! A 20 inch iMac. Here’s a picture of the special day. The rest can be seen here on flickr.



The DARPA Grand Challenge was earlier this month. What an amazing achievement. Vehicles being driven by computers, not remote control, through a desert course. I first heard of this last year after channel flipping one night and landed on our PBS station. The program was showing the 2005 Grand Challenge, if you ever get the chance it’s a must see.

In a similar venture Google has launched their $30M moon challenge “to the first private company that can safely land a robotic rover on the moon and beam back a gigabyte of images and video to Earth ( The Honolulu Advertiser ).

Next year George Jetson moves in next door.

The Great Debate

I’ve been really buisy working on my new site, so I thought I’d take a break and catch up here.

This was taken after Leo and Amber’s debate on plasma vs LCD TVs at Vancouver’s Future Shop on Broadway, Sept. 27/07. Alot of helpful info. I think I’m leaning towards plasma now. It was great seeing the two of them together again. Amber got a few shots in on Leo for old time sake. Good times!