Paulywood’s 45 #14: In Your Arms

Seventeen years ago I wrote a song for my new girlfriend. I recorded it on a cassette tape with just a keyoard and me singing. Pretty basic and simple. Last week I recorded the same song, for the same girl friend, now my wife. This time I used my computer and a multi-track recording program.

I remember my father bringing home a reel-to-reel deck, when I was 14, so I could do two track recording. Wow! Then next we had two cassette decks and I would bounce between the two getting four or five tracks going. The only problem was all but the last track would end up on one side, while the last track would be on the other side of the left and right stereo. I really like recording on this computer thingy.

Paulywood’s 45

(Originally posted Nov 26, 2007)

This Week in Fun!

Sarah Lane has put it out there. A TWiF theme song showdown! Sarah and Martin Sargent host TWiF every Friday at 3:00 pm pacific on the TWiT live stream.


Here’s my two songs. The first is a fun in the sun kinda song. The second is for ‘Tweet Beat’. A little game Martin likes to play during the show where he gives two similar sounding phrases. You try to guess which one of the two has been Twittered the most in the last 24 hours.

Ready to play?

Nine Inch Nails, or Fail Whale

(crank it & throw the horns up!)

This Week in Fun

Tweet Beat

Jumping Monkeys : Theme Song

The good and kind Leo Laporte asked if I would write a theme song for his newest podcast “Jumping Monkeys“. I was so flattered and couldn’t wait to get started.

I was leaving for the east coast of Mexico (Caribbean) a few days after finishing the song, which explains the whole calypso thing.

The kids laughing at the beginning and end are Megan Morrone‘s twin boys Milo and Huck.

Rathole the Jazz Singer on MacBreak Weekly

Today I thought it would be a good day to catch up on some podcast listening. I started with the Daily Giz Wiz and after those four funny episodes I moved on to MacBreak Weekly, when out of nowhere Leo says ” Hey I’d like to thank Paul Minshall for sending us the new Rathole music. Ladies and gentlemen, here it is……….”

Leo plays it around the 24 minute mark and again at the very end. How cool is that?
MBW 33 .

Closing theme for “net@night”

When the podcast “Inside The Net” became net@night with Amber MacArthur and Leo Laporte, I wrote this song to go with the new night time feel. I sent it in and currently it gets played at the end of each podcast.

Net@night is a weekly show that features a list of new and interesting websites and interviews with some of the people who create them. Being a live podcast lets listeners call in with questions and web picks of their own.

You can listen live on Talk Shoe 7-8pm Eastern or download it later from TWiT.TV . Thankyou to Leo for playing my song along with the goodbyes from around the World. It’s very eery with everyone talking all at once.

Closing theme for “The Daily Giz Wiz”

This little song is a take off of the old J-E-L-L-O radio commercials. I composed it for the Daily Giz Wiz , a daily podcast about fun cool gizmos, new and old, with Dick DeBartolo and Leo Laporte. When I sent it to Leo I was hoping it might get played one ,maybe two times. How pleasantly supprised I was, and still am, that it’s played at the end of each show. Thankyou Leo.
D-A-I-L …… -Y!