Roz Savage 1/3 Done

1/3 of the year is done. April is over and what a month it’s been. We’ve had rain, snow, wind, sun and blossoms. Yes finally blossoms and warm sunny days.

April always goes out with a bang for us with our Brandon’s birthday on the 28th. We’ve had our new car for a little over a month. And I got to meet a special woman Roz Savage, Eco-Adventurer, extraordinaire (for whom I have written two songs for). Roz was in Vancouver the first weekend of May. My wife Michelle and I met up with her for a very nice visit and dinner.

Drifting was a song I wrote last summer for Roz’s podcast Roz Rows , and Green is now used for a video introduction.
After Roz emailed me asking if she could keep using Drifting, she asked if I would be interested in writing something for a video-intro. A few days later, and a few emails, I had started on what became Green. You would have never guessed I hadn’t seen the video before I wrote it. Such a great match of sight and sound.

Roz has completed 1/3  of rowing the Pacific Ocean. Last year she rowed from California to Hawaii. This year she leaves from Hawaii south towards Australia.


iTunes Store

You can now get my songs in the iTunes Store. Each week you will get a new song via podcast.

If you’re not sure what a podcast is or how it works, the Wikipedia answer is: “A podcast is a series of digital media files, usually digital audio or video, that is made available for download via Web syndication.”

Simply put: You subscribe in the iTunes Store (usually for free) to an audio or video show, and when a new one is done, you get it automatically.

subscribe-itunes Subscribe now 🙂

Thank you facebook

I’m not the first, and definitely not the last, to go to some kind of school reunion arranged through facebook. Last Saturday I had the great pleasure of seeing friends I hadn’t seen in (almost) 30 years. Most of whom were apart of the Drama Club I spent pretty much all of my senior years hanging out with. At school and on weekends.

If it weren’t for the easy social aspect of facebook, organizing these get togethers wouldn’t be so, …..well, easy. To all the faces that did show up, it was great to see you and hear how well you’ve done.

See you again soon. Thanx facebook.  🙂

Apricot Girl


Apricot Girl you’re the one just for me
Won’t you look up from your apple to see
In your green shirt and chair
Are you board rooming there
While the bricks and the fluorescents
Light up your hair

Apricot Girl you don’t know me at all
I’m just like you with my back to the wall
No one knows what I’ve seen
No one knows where I’ve been
There’re attacking the show
After saving the screen

Apricot Girl you’re the one just for me
Won’t you look up from your apple to see
In your green shirt and chair
Are you board rooming there
While the bricks and the fluorescents
Light up your hair

This Week in Fun!

Sarah Lane has put it out there. A TWiF theme song showdown! Sarah and Martin Sargent host TWiF every Friday at 3:00 pm pacific on the TWiT live stream.


Here’s my two songs. The first is a fun in the sun kinda song. The second is for ‘Tweet Beat’. A little game Martin likes to play during the show where he gives two similar sounding phrases. You try to guess which one of the two has been Twittered the most in the last 24 hours.

Ready to play?

Nine Inch Nails, or Fail Whale

(crank it & throw the horns up!)

This Week in Fun

Tweet Beat

BNR North Bend

Christmas, 1972. A ten year old boy got a train set. He set it up on a plywood table top. Dreaming of a large layout with scenery, buildings and roads, he spent hours watching the little engine pulling four cars around an oval track.

Spring, 2001. For about 7 years, I started working on my N scale railroad layout. Making scenery, laying track, assembling buildings from kits, but most were kit bashed or from scratch with styrene sheets and strips. A lot of time and care went into my “U” shaped layout. A number of cars were re painted and decaled for Burlington Northern. Some were physically altered, and some made from scratch. One covered hopper was even from that Christmas 1972!

Before dismantling it earlier this year, I took some photos and video of it. Enjoy.
Merry Christmas.

Graceland Bound (arrived)


A blank screen and the first line of a song always scare me. I have know idea where or how a song will end after it’s been started. I just let my mind wander and what ever happens, happens. Kind of a mystery tour of music and words.

Graceland Bound is my journey to the past and old Elvis movies I saw as a kid. I remember the night our parents let us stay up as late as we could. At 2:00 am we watched “Harem Scarem”, my first Elvis movie.

I finished the background vocals earlier today. And now I can say “Elvis has left the building”.

Graceland Bound

Started work on a new song last night (ok, not really last night. I haven’t gone to bed yet and it’ 4:30am). Back in highschool I tried writing a new song every week. Some were good and some were bad. The point is I was writing and it was fun. Similar to Jonathan Coulton’s “Thing a Week”, I’ld like to revisit the old me and get back to writing a new song each week.

Wish me luck.


When I started this song I had visions of large battle scenes from Lord of the Rings. As I went along, the video in my head kept showing WWII footage. Remembrance Day is next week. This song is in honour of those who fought and to those currently fighting for us. We fight for what we believe in. A lot of what we believe in comes from our fathers and through family past. This is what we follow.

Hope ’08

We went camping in Hope BC this summer and I forgot to post this video I put together of our trip. It’s already the first week of October, next thing you know it will be Christmas. We went to Hell’s Gate, Harrison Hot Springs, North Bend for horse back riding and to the Hope Slide area.

Pictures can be seen here: Hope


I bought Spore a few weeks ago. Both my son and I have been playing casually and made it to the Space Stage. I like the way you can put in as much or as little time as you like, five or ten minutes, a couple hours, or all day long.
Here’s a few shots.

Use your iMac to share the internet with your iPhone.

I have an iPod Touch but I don’t have a wireless router. How could I use any of the features that require wifi. After searching for a way to connect my iPod to the internet, I was able to use the Internet Sharing feature on my iMac.

Before you start you need to turn AirPort: On

Step#1:Open System Preferences / Sharing

Step#2:Under Service click on Internet Sharing, for Share your connection from: select “Ethernet”, for To computers using: select “AirPort”

Step#3:Click AirPort Options, choose a Network Name, Enable encryption, choose your Password, click “OK”

Step#4:Under Service check the Internet Sharing box, and click Start

When you turn on your iPod Touch and open Safari, a list of networks will appear, choose the one you made and enter your password. Now you can enjoy all the wireless features on your iPod Touch.

I don’t have an iPhone but I suspect this will work just the same.