It was 20 years ago today…

Remember cassette tapes? Those funny plastic things with tiny reels of magnetic audio tape inside. We would borrow a friends record album, then later CD’s, and make copies for ourselves. Oooo copies.

I was feeling a bit dry (artistically speaking) last week, when I remembered an old song, “1962”. Next week is my birthday, so I thought it would be nice to record the song about that special year I was born. I was sure I had the lyrics in my big red book I’ve had for over 30 years. But after searching twice I couldn’t find it. I could remember most of the words, but without the rest I was dead in the water.

Which brings me back to those cassettes. Ah-Ha! I had a 4-track version I did 20 years ago on a cassette tape. I dug out my 2 inch thick with dust brief case looking cassette case, and there it was “1989 Mix“. After getting the rest of the lyrics, and rewriting a few, I was all set to record it again….

20 years later.

Paulywood’s 45


One thought on “It was 20 years ago today…

  1. I just posted about the same thing! I remember when CD’s first came out I was blown away that you could just skip right to a song without looking for it by fast forwarding/rewinding.

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