Jason Calacanis Loves Audible

When I first wrote the original  Audible jingle, I had no idea how much Jason Calacanis loved Audible books. After hearing him drool over  them every time he’s on  TWiT , I felt the need to include him in the song.

Take it away Jasoooooooon!


2 thoughts on “Jason Calacanis Loves Audible

  1. @Jill B: The song says, “I love my platinum account.”

  2. Paul,
    Having heard your catchy and well-produced Audible jingle perhaps 100 times, I still can’t figure out the line “I love my….” I do get the “Calacanis” variation here but what are the words in the original? I’m kind of hearing “I love my fighting on the couch” but that can’t possibly be it. Sorry to be such a dimwit!

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