Roz Savage 1/3 Done

1/3 of the year is done. April is over and what a month it’s been. We’ve had rain, snow, wind, sun and blossoms. Yes finally blossoms and warm sunny days.

April always goes out with a bang for us with our Brandon’s birthday on the 28th. We’ve had our new car for a little over a month. And I got to meet a special woman Roz Savage, Eco-Adventurer, extraordinaire (for whom I have written two songs for). Roz was in Vancouver the first weekend of May. My wife Michelle and I met up with her for a very nice visit and dinner.

Drifting was a song I wrote last summer for Roz’s podcast Roz Rows , and Green is now used for a video introduction.
After Roz emailed me asking if she could keep using Drifting, she asked if I would be interested in writing something for a video-intro. A few days later, and a few emails, I had started on what became Green. You would have never guessed I hadn’t seen the video before I wrote it. Such a great match of sight and sound.

Roz has completed 1/3  of rowing the Pacific Ocean. Last year she rowed from California to Hawaii. This year she leaves from Hawaii south towards Australia.



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