BNR North Bend

Christmas, 1972. A ten year old boy got a train set. He set it up on a plywood table top. Dreaming of a large layout with scenery, buildings and roads, he spent hours watching the little engine pulling four cars around an oval track.

Spring, 2001. For about 7 years, I started working on my N scale railroad layout. Making scenery, laying track, assembling buildings from kits, but most were kit bashed or from scratch with styrene sheets and strips. A lot of time and care went into my “U” shaped layout. A number of cars were re painted and decaled for Burlington Northern. Some were physically altered, and some made from scratch. One covered hopper was even from that Christmas 1972!

Before dismantling it earlier this year, I took some photos and video of it. Enjoy.
Merry Christmas.


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