Making Me Crazy

Here’s the second song from my project which I think will be called “45”. It’s a song which was inspired by one of my favourite bands KLAATU. There’s even an homage to them at the start of the guitar solo from their song “Juicy Lucy”. I also couldn’t resist adding backwards drums at the top and backwards guitars during the last chorus.

Why 45?, well one reason is I’ll be 45 this year, another reason is I remember all the 45 singles I bought from the record store down at the mall on weekends when I was younger. It’s not the same experience going to iTunes and adding a song to my cart for 99 cents.

Also I think this photoshop picture I made from an old 45 center I scanned looks pretty cool. So “45” it is.


Update:  Here’s a second version of my ’45’ album art I’ve been using.


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