Back in 1962
The whole world seemed brand new
People had a different view of time
Rock N Roll had been about
The Beatle were singing Twist and Shout
And every one was singing out in rhyme

Hippies rode in painted cars
Hanging out in smokey bars
Not because of old cigars but something else
The space program had just begun
With NASA and Apollo 1
Heading out for the sun or somewhere else

Back in time when days were old
And people had a rush for gold
Old men sat around and told tall tales
Nights were filled with lonely cries
Stars shone brightly in the skies
Jonah was telling stories of a whale

The whole world was taking aim
At outlaws that played their games
Dillinger running for his freedom
Radio had just begun
World at Wars was number 1
Terrifying everyone for freedom

Faded pictures in an old book
Family stories read aloud
Careful writings on an old page
Who we are and why we’re proud

Back in 1962
Back in 1962
Back in 1962